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Now its getting Dark - Keisari Dark

Keisari Dark - Nokian panimo poured in a glass

On my fridge is a line of beers, actually two. They are added one after another in accordance with their best before date. The one that is due next is the first in line. In 2016 I had to throw away about 10 beers because I simply kept them somewhere where I forgot about them. Besides the money they costs me they were simply good beers (I suppose). So, this is not going to happen again. 

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Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel - Tasting -

Ever lived in a monastery? No? A friend of mine once decided to be a monk and went to the nearest monastery. One week later he came back and decided that he never will be a monk. We never talked about the “why”.

Monks usually wonderful brewers . The German and Belgian have showed that more than once and continue to do so to this day.

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It's getting darker in Munich - Augustiner Dunkel - Tasting -

During the school time the apprentice brewers of the other Munich breweries, Paulander, Spaten and Löwenbräu asked the teacher about a rumor they have heard from the higher grades. They were asking if it is true that the Augustiner brewery is having a special deal with some special pubs in Munich. The teacher didn't know the answer or didn't want to answer. I guess later is the truth.

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A respecable Salonbeer - Dampfe Salonbier - Tasting - Dampfe Salonbier

While celebrating a friend's birthday in the pub "Dampfe" we had the chance to taste some of their beers. I started with the Salonbier, which is classified as a Dunkles. I'm not sure about that as the colour was amber and it smelled like malt with caramel and fatty acid. Perhaps we consider it as a special Dunkles. Anyway - the foam stability was very good. The smell and taste worked well together. Due to the strong malty character and the high alcohol content the bitterness of this beer is lower than in a Pils.

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An Impression of a dunkles brewed by Riedenburger Brauhaus - Tasting - Dunkles by Beneditkinerabtei Plankenstetten

It’s time to open another bottle of an organic beer. There are not that many brands around offering organic beers. That means choices are limited. But that doesn’t mean that I’m bound to organic only. I prefer it.

The Riedenburger Brauhaus is brewing in contract for the Beneditkinerabtei Plankenstetten. Monks are known to brew good beer but that doesn’t give credits for the tasting.

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