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Citric with a shot of chemistry - Veikko

When I'm at Lidl I always check for the beer section, to be preceise: the craft beer section. Yes, they have that kind of beer specialities you would look for in a German Lidl and wouldn't find. It is like the day I went to the new Lidl in Tampere at the Finlayson area: Awesome. Never seen such a futuristic Lidl in my life before. I suggest for every German to come to Finland for their holidays just to check what kind of Lidl we have. It would just be a long lasting experience. 

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Spring at our door steps

Mathildedalin Kevät - Mathildedalin Kyläpanimo

Spring is at our door steps, finally. Here in Finland it takes a little longer to come out of the dark winter. But once we crossed the step into spring there is no turning back. Fingers crossed. My wife brought me a beer from Alko which looked pretty interesting. From a design perspective they already got my attention. From a sommelier perspective they didn't, neither the beer label nor their website state anything more about the type of malt and hops used. Its ok with me but many if not most breweries now offer some more information about their beers than just the standard.

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Do you like Mämmi? - Tasting - Do you like Mämmi?

If you're in Finland over Easter you might get some Mämmi served. Mämmi is made out of rye flour, rye malt and molasses. It tastes like licorice, is very sweet and very strong in its taste. It is usually served together with milk or cream and sugar. The stakes are high now: Will this beer taste as unique as Mämmi?

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Chimay Tripel - is shelf live everything? - Tasting - Chimay Tripel

With Belgium just some minutes away and me not getting enough of its beers I the best idea is to get a Bahn Card 50% for Deutsche Bahn.

I had some Chimay in the fridge wondering about the best before date. I thought it was 14.12.2011 but it was 2014 and the other numbers where just garbage. A beer with that much shelf life, 3 years, earns much doubt from me. How did they treat the beer technically? Pasteurization, ultra / sterile filtration or heat filling are the treatments you can apply. You might also combine them.

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Lets toast to Saint Livinus - Tasting - Livinus

Saint Livinus (~ 580 – 12 November 657) was an apostle in Flanders and Brabant, venerated as a saint and martyr in the Saint Bavo Chapel, Ghent. His memorial day is the 12th of November.

I couldn't wait for his memorial day to drink a beer named after him, though. Or to be honest I didn't know beforehand that the beer is named after a saint. Anyway the next beer I drink I'll toast to him.

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