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Estonia is on the move - Juminda Näkk

Juminda Näkk - Veldi ja Tütred in a bottle

In January we got on a short vacation in Tallin, Estonia. We took the ferry from Helsinki and within no time we were in Tallin. Tallin is a lovely city with a central old town as the city center. Everything is within walking distance and there are plenty of restaurants and bars. On the second day I found myself in a super market, especially in their beer section. They have as many beers on the shelf as a Finnish supermarket, so I ended up buying all available beers from microbreweries. 

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Perhaps I drink one another day

In Finland the majority of beers get canned (that's what I get from the super market shelf). I'm not yet sure why, but that's how it is. There are bottles on the market, of course, but somehow there are more cans. They even sell this big 24 can boxes. Kind of crazy carrying that around. But actually, if you think a little bit longer about, when it comes to weight those cans are simply lighter, and as they have a can recycling system in places selling cans perfectly makes sense.

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Bio doesn't mean tasty - Bayreuther Bio-Weisse - Tasting - Bayreuther Bio-Weisse

Back from the last trip to Bavaria, Germany, got me a huge selection of wheat beers. One after another will be tasted, I promiss.

I'll keep it very simple this time.
Smell: Banana, yeast, straw
Taste: soft, low in malt, light bitterness, salty, light citric. No mouth-fullness, no body

I tend to question if the style wheat beer is the right one for this. I would say it's a Kölsch.

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