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Some thoughts about gypsy and brand brewing on the example Brewcats

Brewcats Aito Black IPA

Some weeks ago Lumia went to Tampere for a business event. She brought me back a special bottle: an „Aito IPA“, which was brewed by Brewcats in conjunction with Hopping Brewsters. Hopping Brewsters seems to be very popular among nostalgia loving folks, mostly at those that like the 1920s. Hopping Brewsters concept, all their imageries and designs are made to attract them. They are also kind of creative when it comes to naming their beers.

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It's all about coffee and chocolate anyway - KBS flavoured stout

Founders KBS flavoured stout

Pekka shared his Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) with me. The Founders Brewing Company classifies this beer as an Imperial Stout. I'm not that sure about that as there are the categories coffee stout and chocolate stout. But anyway. This is about taste, flavor, beer, and so on.

To keep it short: This beer is yummy!

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Once in Savonlinna - Opera Festival Saison Grand Cru

Opera Festival Saison Grand Cru olut

The second one I took from my stash for a party was the Opera Festival Saison Grand Cru from the Mustan Virran Panimo. As I was in Savonlinna during the Opera Festival I got my hands on that special Grand Cru in one of the K-markets. 

The name "Grand Cru" already gave me an idea what to expect before I opened the bottle. To keep it short: Belgian style. The color is dark golden with a nice white foam. Flavour is fruity. With the first nip comes some nice sourness. Nothing to special but not available in that combination too often here in Finland. 

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It's all about the yeast - Pyynikin Dammer Pils

Pyynikin Dammer Pils

It was one of those days. One of those days nothing really works and you got totally exhausted by all kinds of work. And there is only one thing you are looking for at the end: a damn good refreshing beer. 

I checked the fridge and there it was, shining at me with bold white letters: A Pils, to be specific the Pyynikin Dammer Pils. I took it, poured it into a a glass and the first thing I noticed: yeast. Basically I got a unfiltered Pils in front of me and therefore the first questions was: what da hack is that? 

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NZ stands for New Zealand - Mathildedalin Kantaja NZ Porter

Mathildedalin Kantaja NZ Porter

Some time ago I wrote a review about the Mathildedalin Kevät. They impressed me with their unique style. To everyone I was drinking beer with I told about that beer and that the Mathildedalin Kyläpanimo is on the way of redefining the Finnish beer identity.

Anyway. I got another one of their brews from Alko some time ago. It was sitting at my stash and smiling at me: "please drink me, please, please". It was the time to give in. 

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