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From Finland with love - Stallhagen Delikat - Tasting - Stallhagen Delikat

Finland is the land of the great lakes, woods and of course, of snow. It is the land of great directors and movies. On the 4th of April, some days before Easter, a Finish movie called Iron Sky will be aired in theaters. In order to understand the story you have to drink as much beer as you can or smoke tons of pot or do both at the same time: In 1945 the Nazis discovered anti-gravity and went to the dark side of the moon. In 2018 they will come back…

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The romantic road and its beers - Wallerstein Zwickel - Tasting - Wallerstein Zwickel

First things first: Happy new year everyone!

In the south of Germany, in the north of Swabian lays the small town of Wallerstein. Wallerstein is known because of the Romatic Road, the castle of the Duke of Oettingen-Wallerstein and the Wallerstein brewery & beer. The brewery has a history of over 400 years, which should be enough to produce decent beers.

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Bio doesn't mean tasty - Bayreuther Bio-Weisse - Tasting - Bayreuther Bio-Weisse

Back from the last trip to Bavaria, Germany, got me a huge selection of wheat beers. One after another will be tasted, I promiss.

I'll keep it very simple this time.
Smell: Banana, yeast, straw
Taste: soft, low in malt, light bitterness, salty, light citric. No mouth-fullness, no body

I tend to question if the style wheat beer is the right one for this. I would say it's a Kölsch.

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No snow in Finland for Christmas 2012 - Tasting - Urho III

Do you know Finland? Ever been there? If not you might not miss that much. It's cold, most of the time dark and beer is expensive. On the other hand the girls are pretty and the beer is awesome. Though I suggest to go there. It's a really nice country. This year they might have a black christmas. Yeah; global warming is everywhere.

On my last trip to Tampere, Finland, I brought an Urho III with me. As my stash of beer has somehow grown over the month it wasn't be expected to be drunk soon. But the best before date showed only some days left and so I gave it a go.

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Dominus vobiscum - Tasting - Dominus® Double

I like Patrizier 2. It's a funny game. You usually start as a merchant and have to make your way up to become a Patrizier by trading with other towns. In the beginning you get one ship to travel from your home town. Most of the time I deal with, you might guess it, beer. I get it in Belgium / Bremen / Hamburg and sell it in Edinburgh. You can sell gallons of beer there. Some other routes include Denmark and Visby. You also have to go to the church in order to donate beer or money.

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No. 8 isn't my lucky one - Tasting - Trappistes Rochefort 8

Actually I'm a big fan of Trappist beers. I had a Trappist Rochefort. At the beginning I thought that this might be a very good idea to have.

It started with a very stable foam on top of dark brown liquid. The smell was good, found it fruity, sour, little earthy, solvent like and yeasty. This is what I would usually expect from this brewing methods and the high alcohol content.

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