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The Kölsch way - Hellers Kölsch - Tasting -

When I was shopping for food at Basic (German organic food store) in the city center I was very astounded to see an organic produced Kölsch. Over the last half year I have seen more and more Kölsch outside of Cologne. It seems like that there is some kind of trend. Perhaps Germans youth is bored of Pils. But even outside Germany breweries produce or start to produce Kölsch. A friend of mine told me that Kölsch is one of the top beer styles in NY at the moment.

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The old styles are on their way back: unfiltered Helles - Tasting - - Tasting -

There are discussions in the brewing world which might never ever stop. To filter or not to filter is the question of this hour. Some say it’s better to filter, because it gives stability. Other will tell you that filtering a beer will kill its character. I would say there is a 50/50 chance and it often depends on the beer.

This time I’m having a Kloster Urtrunk on the table. The label states itself as Export style Helles. I haven’t tasted any unfiltered Helles till now. Actually unfiltered Helles has become very unusual nowadays.

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Kwak - Fruity Beer in Brussels - Tasting Kwak

I’ll confess: I really like this beer, but this was only the second time I ever tasted it. It’s not a beer you get in a German supermarket, so it’s not something I get to drink often. That makes the rare trips to Belgium even nicer: knowing I can always have a fresh Kwak.

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Our ur ur großvater has drunken Helles - Riedenburger Ur-Helles - Tasting -  Riedenburger Ur-Helles

Sometimes breweries from outside Bavaria try to produce beers originated in Baveria. Many times breweries from other than the origin of the style having difficulties to produce other beer types than local (depends on the brewers experience) or the common ones. Some years ago I got a call from a brewery trying to produce a Dunkles. They used a Baverian dark malt which formed golf to tennis ball like compounds during the fermentation. The brewer didn't know that the malt needed a protein rest at 45° C in order to break down compound forming proteins.

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To lager or not to lager - Laiskajaakko - Tasting - Laiskajaakko

We where sitting in the Teerenpeli bar in Tampere, Finnland, while tasting this beer. The background music was ok, the weather wasn't. I guess its the best time and situation to drink a beer.

The Laiskajaakko is a lager. It came with a nice white foam on a amber to dark body. I put my nose onto the glass, actually a little to far. Had some laughings on my side then.

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