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With the dregs - Onnepekka from Teerenpeli - Tasting -

Once or twice a year I'm going to stay a day in Tampere, Finland. I'm mostly there for watching a movie, having a nice time with my wife, enjoying ourself and of course one to three beers. In Tampere you could find the Teerenpelli bar, the outlet of the Teerenpelli beers. The have all there permanent beers they brew on the tap and if you are lucky they have some seasonal as well. The weather wasn't that good therefore we went inside the bar.

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It's getting darker in Munich - Augustiner Dunkel - Tasting -

During the school time the apprentice brewers of the other Munich breweries, Paulander, Spaten and Löwenbräu asked the teacher about a rumor they have heard from the higher grades. They were asking if it is true that the Augustiner brewery is having a special deal with some special pubs in Munich. The teacher didn't know the answer or didn't want to answer. I guess later is the truth.

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Still Belgium - Oud Bruin from Liefmans - Tasting -  Oud Bruin from Liefmans

I brought about 20 bottles of Belgian beer with me from my trip to Brussels.
The last weeks were very busy, so I haven't had the time to write and taste many of them. Actually I haven't tasted even one – shame on me. Therefore the Oud Bruin from Liefmans had to stay in the fridge till today.

When the cap came off and the dark black fluid found its way into the glass, a fruity, sour smell came across me. The second sniff took me deeper into the rabbit hole. There was a light malty note as well as some chocolate.

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My first Witbeer - Vedett Extra White - Tasting - Vedett Extra White

Not knowing what it is I ordered the Vedett Extra White. (Later on I found out that I ordered a Witbeer, something similar to the German White beer. ) When I snatched the first smell I thought about yeast and a fermenting cellar, but there was also malt and some fruit → lemon. The taste was very refreshing. Something that I really needed after a long hot day.

All in all a well balanced beer which you might want to try in order to know what a Witbeer is like and also to refresh during the hot summer days.

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