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Aged Red Squirrel Brewery IPA in the USA - Part 1 - Tasting -

Part 1 of a 4 part review on aged beer

This beer tastes not bad actually. It's still as lively as ever, I poured it as carefully as I could, and the aroma hasn't lost any of its pungency but it has changed slightly. Being less floral but fruitier with a hint of school exercise books, which I know sounds weird but it's not unpleasant. I've got a feeling it might become so later.

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Hefeweizen goes well with Brotzeit - Gutmann Helles Hefeweizen - Tasting - Gutmann Hefeweizen

While sitting in a pizzeria in my hometown I was listening to a conversation a guy was having with the pizzeria owner. He was trying to convince the owner that he should switch his beer supplier to Gutmann. He argued that the wheat beer from the current supplier is simply bad and that the other supplier is just better. Ok, there could be many arguments for pro and con but it is always a matter of personal taste. Some thousands will like this beer, some thousands will prefer that beer.

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Working with the Holy Spirit in mind - Kloster Andechs Hefertrüb - Tasting - Kloster Andechs Hefertrüb

Andechs, yes you know - the monastery. The place men or women go to be in the near of god. In the near of the Holdy Father brewers might be able to brew the best beer as the Holy Spirit is with them.

Kloster Andechs has a long history in beer brewing, the actually started in 1455. What will a product taste like when monks have the chance to improve their beers while the centuries passing by?

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A weisse from Aying - Tasting - Ayinger Bräu-Weisse - Tasting - Ayinger Bräu-Weisse bottle

A smell of banana crawls up into my nose when I open the bottle of this wheat beer. It’s golden in colour with a little turbidity in it (the yeast). Foam stability is enormous, but what else you would expect form a Bavarian Hefeweizen.

The emphasis is on the banana and the wheat. It comes with a lot of body. It’s kind of warming with little salt and acid. I like the way the esters come through. At the end you can taste the well chosen hops which make this wheat beer a good one.

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