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The perfect Brotzeit beer from Zirndorf - Tasting - Das gute Zirndorfer Landbier

You never know what you get until you have finally tasted it. Or as I put it here: what you taste is what you get. Amber in its color, bitter and wort emphasized in its taste makes this Landbier a good one.

It's kind of sweet, rusty and bitter in the beginning, leaving a warm and sweet taste behind at the end. A nose full of caramel, wort and malt will be with it as well.

For my taste this Landbeer leaks a bit of body. With an alcohol content of 5.0 vol % the malty character could be a little stronger, even the hops could be more emphasised.

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From the maturation tank to the glass - the Borbecker Zwickelbier - Tasting - Borbecker Zwickelbier

The last one I drunk at my friend’s birthday party was the Borbecker Naturtrübes Zwickelbier. Its colour was lighter than amber, something between brown and red. While holding it against the light you could clearly see the particles swimming in the glass – unfiltered beer.

Smell appeared ok to me. I consider it nothing special, perhaps a little emphasis on the malt, of course the yeast and more fruity than the other beers brewed by the Dampfe.

It went down smooth while leaving a warming taste behind. If you like unfiltered beers you might like this one as well.

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A respecable Salonbeer - Dampfe Salonbier - Tasting - Dampfe Salonbier

While celebrating a friend's birthday in the pub "Dampfe" we had the chance to taste some of their beers. I started with the Salonbier, which is classified as a Dunkles. I'm not sure about that as the colour was amber and it smelled like malt with caramel and fatty acid. Perhaps we consider it as a special Dunkles. Anyway - the foam stability was very good. The smell and taste worked well together. Due to the strong malty character and the high alcohol content the bitterness of this beer is lower than in a Pils.

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The fast is over - time for a Borbecker Fastenbier - Tasting - Borbecker Fastenbier by Dampfe

The birthday went on and the next beer on the table was the Borbecker Fastenbier. According to the waiter this is Märzen. Derived from the beer colour, which is black – looks like a Guinness – I’ll call it a Dunkles Märzen.

The Dunkles Märzen has a burned, malty, caramel, oily and a little hoppy flavour. It goes down the throat very well, leaving a warming, sweet and little bitter taste behind.

It’s a well produced, well balanced beer with good foam stability.

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Wettelsheimer Wet is a decent pils - Tasting - Wettelsheimer Wet

The Wettelsheimer Wet is the second beer from the Wettelsheimer brewery I got on the table. It comes in a green 0.3l bottle (which is out of the ordinary as all other beers from the Wettelsheimer brewery are in 0.5l). The name Wet which is a short version of WETtelsheim reminds me on the pop band Wet Wet Wet. If the beer will be or is as famouse as this band I might got a nice beer in front of me.

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The Helles is back - Tasting - Wettelsheimer Helles

During the Easter weekend we stayed in Bavaria. I went to one of the beverage stores and bought about 14 different mostly local brewed beers. The first one I’m going to taste is one from the brewery Wettelsheim. It is a Helles and called Wettelsheimer Helles.

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