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A taste of smoke - The Irish Black - Tasting - McGrath's Irish Black

The 3rd beer from the Clannconnel Brewing Company arrived some days ago. I have waited for a long time to taste this beer. High was the expectancy on it. Pured from a bottle into a glass this beer lives up to its name: it is pitch black and the foam is light brown. Foam stability isn't the best, it breaks down very fast.

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An Impression of a dunkles brewed by Riedenburger Brauhaus - Tasting - Dunkles by Beneditkinerabtei Plankenstetten

It’s time to open another bottle of an organic beer. There are not that many brands around offering organic beers. That means choices are limited. But that doesn’t mean that I’m bound to organic only. I prefer it.

The Riedenburger Brauhaus is brewing in contract for the Beneditkinerabtei Plankenstetten. Monks are known to brew good beer but that doesn’t give credits for the tasting.

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Viva Bavaria - Tasting - Viva Bavaria from Riedenburger Brauhaus

When we have been in the organic market in the city centre I asked someone else to decide which beer I’ll have to taste. I got the Viva Bavaria from the Riedenburger Brauhaus. It is classified as a “fest bier” but Märzen would fit as well.

It has a strong well balance body consisting of a sweat taste. The mouth feeling is very warming. Taking a nose full of its smell I would say it is a mixture of nuts, malt, caramel and some tiny rests of vinegar. The bitterness stays for quite a while giving it a festive appearance.

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Landfürst Bier - Tasting - Landfürst Bier

The Landfürst Beer is brewed for drinklog GmbH. Means that this beer is not handcrafted. Its a typical pilsen type bottom fermented beer with nearly no characteristics. It's the kind of product which makes it impossible to distinguish it from other of its kind. Consider it as a beer that goes with pizza or a hamburger but not with something special.

We shouldn’t forget that there are many points where industrial brewed beers differ from handcrafted. From the quality point of view this beer is produced well.

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