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McGraths Irish Red - Tasting - Irish Red

The 2nd beer released by the Clanconnel Brewing Company is an Irish Red. (For our German readers: It’s an ale). The name serves the colour perfectly. Once poured in the white foam stays for a long time on the head of the dark red liquid. Its malty, sweet, caramel smell is very impressive. I haven’t detected any off-flavours in the first and second run. Basically I’m not wondering about it, as Mark puts a high emphasis on very good quality. Its taste is a little different from what I was expecting from the smell. The body of the ale is little metallic and alkaline and very dry at the end.

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Kuohu Vaalea Lager - Tasting - Kuohu Vaalea Lager

While having a small picnic at a nice finish summer day I tried a Kuohu lager. The beer has about 4.7 % alcohol. The serving temperature was about 8°C. It was poured from a can. The foam wasn’t that stable, it actually collapsed very fast. The first smell wasn’t that good. It had a kind of production smell in it. I also recognised strawberries and apricot, which is a bit unusual for a lager. That’s more the typical flavours of ale. The taste was good. It had a good mouth fullness, that’s what I expect from an industrial brewed lager.

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Nikolai Tumma Lager - Tasting - Nikolai Tumma Lager

The Nikolai Tumma Lager is a special lager brewed after a receipt from Brew master Nikolai Sinebrychoff. That’s what the can stated or what can be combined reading the can. The beer was stored at cool temperatures. When it was served it had about 8°C. No aroma failure where detected. First impression from the taste was not that pleasant. It had no body at all, though I consider it as very thin with a malt taste. Bitterness was detected but I found it rather unpleasant. Ok, this was definitely not my beer or at least not what I expect from a Lager from Brew master.

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Laitilan Kukko Pils III - Tasting - Laitilan Kukko Pils III

We got the Laitilan Kukko Pils III poured from a can. The can was kept cool at 7°C. Its smell was totally out off the normal: It smelled like eggs / sulphur. I looked at the best before date and found nothing unusual. Suspiciously I took a first gulp after I waited a very short period for the foam to collapse. The first impression: It basically had no body. The amount of bitterness was enough for a pilsen type beer but not to qualify for a good pilsner. The quality of the bitterness was good in the beginning but astringent at the end. The bitterness kept hanging for some time.

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Keisari Munchener Premium - Tasting - Keisari Münchener Premium

The foam disappeared very fast after pured in from a can stored at well temperature. The flavour found was a little like fresh straw but no off-flavours found. The malt character which was found in the aroma was ok for a munich style beer. From my personal point of view it was overemphasised. The bitterness was of good quality where bitterness itself was low, considering the 29 EBU the beer has. The overall impression was definitely good. A well worked Munich Style Beer.

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Sion Kölsch - Tasting - Sion Kölsch im Unperfekthaus

The suns shining and the weather is hot. We were sitting at the roof top of the Unperfekthaus in Essen, Germany. Siggi paid me a beer. I took a Sion Kölsch to taste. Pured from a bottle the foam was very stable. Its colour was golden.

The first impression of the smell was good. No off-flavours detected so far. The first taste was tangy and fruity, the second one as well. The impressions kept steady over the entire 0,33l. Overall: a well balanced Kölsch with a nice citric flavour.

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