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On the highway - Blackmouth Cur

Blackmouth Cur bottle

Seems like my photo from the poured beer didn't work out so there is only a picture of the bottle. But anyway let's review an American Pale Ale. What would I expect? Citric hop style with a nice malty character, not too dry at the end, or? 

Color is pretty yellowish copper. Foam is white. Head retention is good. The citric hop note is there. First nip goes down well. No off flavors. Light malt sweetness, kind of honey. Bitterness keeps in hanging for some time at the end. Well carbonated but slightly to thin. A little more malt would help this beer forward. 

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From the SOPP: Jälkipeli

Jälkipeli - Maistila poured in a glass

As the beer tastings went on around me at the Sopp, I got some food and also some water. I always suggest to have water in between reviewing different beer. Otherwise you just remember the beer before.

Ok, so, I went for the Maistila brewery and got one of the Jälkipelis. Another sour of course. 

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From the SOPP: Sour Hopzz

Sour Hopzz from Panimo Hiisi - Glass on table

As the Panimo Hiisi couldn't sell any of their beers at SOPP on Wednesday due to a broken cooling system I went for the Donut Island Sour Hopzz. 

It started with a citric smell but besides the citric smell I noticed: yes, you know it,: HOPS. The sourness actually stays for a while while the citric tastes for longer. Best described as funky zesty hoppiness. Well balanced, well carbonated. Tart, fruity and of course sour taste. Hop tartness stays at the end a little. 

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The American way of life - Nokian Route 66 APA

The American way of life - Nokian Route 66 APA

My beer stash from the purchase at the Nokian Panimo is nearly coming to an end. There are still 2 left, besides the Route 66 APA. I have been to America twice in the last years, created a photo documentation, but I haven't had a chance to travel the famous Route 66. So I could only imagine how a beer dedicated to it would taste like. 

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Viva la Estonia - Muddis Golden Ale

Muddis Golden Ale - Moe Õllevabrik bottle

In January we went to Tallin for a vacation. I brought many beers with me and one after another they will get reviewed. This is the second one I reviewed together with Pekka.

I poured the beer from a bottle into two glasses. If you have read about the Jumina Näkk you might remember our time machine invention. Let's put it this way: We are no Back to the Future Part II, we have more foam than ever and no beer at all. 

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