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The second chance for Pyynikkin Red Ale

Pyynikin Sessio Red Ale on the table

Some beers get their second chance. This time it is the Pyynikkin Sessio Red Ale. Actually I accidentally bought the bottle while looking for a another Red Ale. So I ended up with the one I already reviewed some time ago and then later realized that I didn't write the review. So I actually got lucky and it is now time to write the review. The serving temperature was room temperature, means I didn't put the beer into the fridge.It comes with a mild bitterness and a pretty stable foam. The body is pretty thin, even for a Red Ale.

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M as in Amber. Another Ale on the table

Amber Ale of Mallaskuun Panimo

When I came across the Mallaskun Breweries Beers at Tokmannin I had to buy them all. It is basically my duty to get all the different Finnish Beers tasted. While the list piles up I found the best way to get through is one after another. Foam looks pretty stable. It smells fruity, but also sweet. The first nip went down very well. I was right about the sweetness, its stays nearly through the end, but vanishes shortly before it to make place for a more hoppy sweetness. The body is a little bit to light, but still in range. From a color perspective it is too dark to be called amber.

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it's Christmas, ok not quite yet

The Joulu Olut

It was Christmas some time ago, but I haven't drunk my Christmas beer yet. So I guessed that now is the right time for it. Why? Because there was still snow outside and it was pretty warm and cozy inside. It felt like Christmas, and so I opened my present. The Oulu Olut smelt pretty sweet. I also noticed a high content of hops and some citric note. Besides that it looked amber brownish. Foam stability was ok, but it probably vanished a little too fast. I thought of an IPA or at least a strong hopped Ale before I took the first nip. Guess what? It tasted like a strong hopped Ale.

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Vehnä means Wheat

Maku Vehnä - can and poured in a glass

I have that game going on when we are at a Finnish supermarket: Get me a beer for under n €, where n is a number between 2 and 6. So we came up with the Maku Vehnä. Their can looks pretty nice design-wise, perhaps it is some New York hipster style, or some other illustration style I'm not aware of. But yes, it looks nice.

But we are not here for judging the can, we want its content. So I poured the can into a glass and took a first nip.
Hmm. So I took a second nip. Hmm. So I took a third nip.

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Too many hops are just too many

Weißenoher MONKey Hersbrucker Gebirge bottle and poured in a glass

When I was working for Karlsberg (Saarland, Germany) I once was at the brew house for maintenance reasons - my colleague and I had to clean the Meuro 2001 mash filter - I accidentally came in contact with hop extract. For those of you who ever sticked their finger into hop extract know that it takes days or even weeks until the hop flavour vanishes. And: you will never forget that smell.

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