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The Monkey you are looking for

Polaris Hüller in a bottle and glass

Getting real good beer is one of the benefits being in Nuremburg pre Brau Beviale. To say one thing upfront: The Green Monk(ey) Polaris Hüller is the second beer in a row that has excellent body / hop ratio which makes it one of the most decent craft beers I've had in 2016.

Some hours after the pretty heavy carbonized Grüner Helles we had a Polaris Hüller from the Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe, which is a German classic brewed in the Pilsener tradition.

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Blame it on the barkeeper

Grüner Helles in a Glass

I recently went to Nuremburg to stay for 2 days and do some Christmas shopping. I had to check for winter gloves and other stuff. So while in the city center we had a stop at a bar for a beer. I ordered the Helles on the tap which was the Grüner Helles. Helles is traditionally served in Bavaria so I guessed it was a good choice, and I had only heard compliments about it.

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Perhaps I drink one another day

In Finland the majority of beers get canned (that's what I get from the super market shelf). I'm not yet sure why, but that's how it is. There are bottles on the market, of course, but somehow there are more cans. They even sell this big 24 can boxes. Kind of crazy carrying that around. But actually, if you think a little bit longer about, when it comes to weight those cans are simply lighter, and as they have a can recycling system in places selling cans perfectly makes sense.

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Munich is in Finland - Keisari Münchner Premium

Nokian Panimo Keisari Münchner Premium beer can

When we visited the Nokian Panimo for its 25 years anniversary we had the opportunity to buy their beers for a discount price. We basically bought one beer from each of theirs. When we got the IBCs for our biogas plant delivered I gave one away as present. So it is now the time to start reviewing one after another. I start with the Keisari Münchner.

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