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its always time for a Christmas beer - Huppendorfer Weihnachtsfestbier - Tasting - Huppendorfer Weihnachtsfestbier

Last Christmas is gone since long but I still have some „Weihnachtsbier“ [Weihnachtsbier = German for Christmas beer] in my stash. Actually this one I'm having now was a Christmas present from my dad.

What would you expect from a „Weihnachtsbier“? I guess it would be strong in alcohol – a bock – and of course lots of sweetness and a malt flavour.

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Between Kölsch and Alt isn't Dortmund - Hövels Original - Tasting - Hövels Original

I lately became a fan of 24. Kind of depressed that they ended it in Season 8. Hey Kiefer, if you read this: Jack come back!

While watching it I had a Hövels Original Feinherbes Rotgold. The foam is very stable where I'm not getting a deeper impression from the first smell. Ok, the malty, caramel character is very dominant, but thats it, nothing more.

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Olvi Tulapukki - more sauna, more beer - Tasting - Olvi Tulapukki

Tulapukki is Finish and means „double buck „. The label shows two bucks. “Double buck” means “Doppel bock” in Germany. Ratebeer classifies the beer as a “malt liquor” where beeradvocate states “European strong lager”. I would say it’s a Doppelbock, nothing more nothing less.

The abv is 8.5%. It took me some time to get used to it. I normally drink beers with around 4 – 5 %. Though, the alcohol is everywhere, but there’s more. Its smell is malty, caramel, floral and a perhaps a little acetaldehyde.

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Chimay Tripel - is shelf live everything? - Tasting - Chimay Tripel

With Belgium just some minutes away and me not getting enough of its beers I the best idea is to get a Bahn Card 50% for Deutsche Bahn.

I had some Chimay in the fridge wondering about the best before date. I thought it was 14.12.2011 but it was 2014 and the other numbers where just garbage. A beer with that much shelf life, 3 years, earns much doubt from me. How did they treat the beer technically? Pasteurization, ultra / sterile filtration or heat filling are the treatments you can apply. You might also combine them.

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Beer enthusiasts should brew beer - Helles Rieser Landbier - Tasting - Helles Rieser Landbier - Ankerbräu

Beer enthusiasts from the Nördlinger Ries have created the receipt for this beer. According to the label they created a traditional Bavarian “Helles”. Ok, Helles it is today.

I first took some photos. It always takes some seconds to get good photos without using flashlight. I don't like reflections from the flashlight in the picture.

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