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Rated4.00 / 10

On the 29th of Mai 2009 we were sitting at the Brauhaus Dampfe in Essen. I've ordered a Helles of their varietie of beers. The beer was served at a cool temperature in a 0,5 liter glas. - Tasting -
Rated6.00 / 10

We have been to the Rüttenscheidter Hausbrauerei. The brewery is located in the near of S-Bahn station Martinstraße in the cellar of a huge building. We ordered 2 x 0,5 liter Rüttenscheidter Keller which is, according to their website, a pilsen type beer. - Tasting - Weavers Gold
Rated10.00 / 10

Mark, owner of the Clanconnel Brewery, send me over a bottle of his first beer "Weavers Gold". Poured into a glas the beer comes with a strong foam and its head retention is stable for a long time. Its colour lives up to its name; it's golden.

Rated4.00 / 10

The beer was tasted at the Brauhaus Graf Beust in Essen, Germany. It was served in a 0.3 liter Pilsen glas. The foam was nice and the color, it was a fitlered beer, was perfect gold. The first smell I got was full of Diacetyl. The taste was very buttery.

Pinkus Pils Organic Beer
Rated8.00 / 10

The beer was bought at a Basic supermarket and stored cold. It was pured in a fresh cleaned glas. The beers temperature during tasting was at about 5°C. - Tasting - Terempelli
Rated4.00 / 10

When we were in Tampere, Finland, we enjoyed an evening at the Teerenpeli Bar / Restaurant. I was having two beers which both were brewed by the Teerenpeli Brewery, a brewery in Lahti. The evening was very amusing where the following beer wasn't at all: