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It’s UEFA EM 2012. I mostly follow the Germans team. Whenever Germany scores a goal I open a bottle of beer. When Podolski (he had is 100th international match on that day) scored the first goal against Denmark I opened of Stallhagen. - Tasting - A schwarze Sau Bier + Flasche
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"So G'sell so" schallt es jede halbe Stunde abends in den kleinen gemütlichen Gassen Nördlingens. Um diesen Wächterruf rankt sich ein Mythos. - Tasting St. Louis Gueuze Lambic
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In a glass, poured from a bottle in Brussels Main Square

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A long time ago I put the Black Isle brewery onto A friend of mine added their beers. When I walked through a Finish supermarket I noticed some of their beers. I took their Yellow Hammer Summer Ale together with some others for my stash.

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If you're in Finland over Easter you might get some Mämmi served. Mämmi is made out of rye flour, rye malt and molasses. It tastes like licorice, is very sweet and very strong in its taste. - Tasting -
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There are some things in Finland that are very traditional. One of them are Reino & Aino shoes. Reino are for men Aino are for women. Both are handmade in Finland and loved by the Finnish people.