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Tanker Täiskuu - bottle and in a glass
Rated8.00 / 10

There are still some beers from Estonia left. Actually only two. So while this is adventure is coming to an end I already filled the stash up with some new Finnish beers. But let's wait for them a little more.

Blackmouth Cur bottle
Rated8.00 / 10

Seems like my photo from the poured beer didn't work out so there is only a picture of the bottle. But anyway let's review an American Pale Ale. What would I expect? Citric hop style with a nice malty character, not too dry at the end, or? 

Jälkipeli - Maistila poured in a glass
Rated8.00 / 10

As the beer tastings went on around me at the Sopp, I got some food and also some water. I always suggest to have water in between reviewing different beer. Otherwise you just remember the beer before.

Sour Hopzz from Panimo Hiisi - Glass on table
Rated10.00 / 10

As the Panimo Hiisi couldn't sell any of their beers at SOPP on Wednesday due to a broken cooling system I went for the Donut Island Sour Hopzz. 

The American way of life - Nokian Route 66 APA
Rated8.00 / 10

My beer stash from the purchase at the Nokian Panimo is nearly coming to an end. There are still 2 left, besides the Route 66 APA.

Saku Antvärk Cherry Brew - Saku Antvärk
Rated2.00 / 10

After the second beer from Estonia  that mainly gave foam I guessed that this "feature" came from the shaky waves during the ship transfer. Luckily after I poured the Cherry Brew there was beer, so we have to watch Back to the Future III another day.