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Brewcats Aito Black IPA
Rated4.00 / 10

Some weeks ago Lumia went to Tampere for a business event. She brought me back a special bottle: an „Aito IPA“, which was brewed by Brewcats in conjunction with Hopping Brewsters.

Founders KBS flavoured stout
Rated10.00 / 10

Pekka shared his Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) with me. The Founders Brewing Company classifies this beer as an Imperial Stout. I'm not that sure about that as there are the categories coffee stout and chocolate stout. But anyway. This is about taste, flavor, beer, and so on.

Opera Festival Saison Grand Cru olut
Rated6.00 / 10

The second one I took from my stash for a party was the Opera Festival Saison Grand Cru from the Mustan Virran Panimo. As I was in Savonlinna during the Opera Festival I got my hands on that special Grand Cru in one of the K-markets. 


When I'm at Lidl I always check for the beer section, to be preceise: the craft beer section. Yes, they have that kind of beer specialities you would look for in a German Lidl and wouldn't find. It is like the day I went to the new Lidl in Tampere at the Finlayson area: Awesome.

Sour Head Apricot
Rated8.00 / 10

As the evening grow late I went for another Sour. This time from the Coolhead Brewery, a brewery from Oulu, which of course I haven't heard of before. But that is what are Small Brewery festivals are for: getting to know new breweries!

Mälli Sour from the Sonnisaari Panimo, glass with beer on table
Rated6.00 / 10

My first beer at the SOPP was pointed out to me by Pekka and Tomi. To be honest I have never heard of the Sonnisaari Panimo, but with all what I have going on that doesn't mean anything.