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Muddis Golden Ale - Moe Õllevabrik bottle
Rated6.00 / 10

In January we went to Tallin for a vacation. I brought many beers with me and one after another they will get reviewed. This is the second one I reviewed together with Pekka.

Juminda Näkk - Veldi ja Tütred in a bottle
Rated6.00 / 10

In January we got on a short vacation in Tallin, Estonia. We took the ferry from Helsinki and within no time we were in Tallin. Tallin is a lovely city with a central old town as the city center. Everything is within walking distance and there are plenty of restaurants and bars.

Mathildedalin Kevät - Mathildedalin Kyläpanimo
Rated8.00 / 10

Spring is at our door steps, finally. Here in Finland it takes a little longer to come out of the dark winter. But once we crossed the step into spring there is no turning back. Fingers crossed. My wife brought me a beer from Alko which looked pretty interesting.

Kukko IPA - Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas
Rated4.00 / 10

I don't know why companies are still pushing into the IPA market. This market is done and gone. It peaked some time ago and is now on a steady decline. Who wants to drink a overhopped bitter beer anyway? Guys above 50 that can't smell and taste anything else than bitterness?

Nokian Elowehnä III - poured in a glass
Rated6.00 / 10

As I said before, there are a lot of Nokian Panimo beers on the list, so, the next one is the EloWehnä III. As I'm from Bavaria wheat beers are a little bit of my speciality. I have tasted many of them, not all got a review. 

Keisari Dark - Nokian panimo poured in a glass
Rated6.00 / 10

On my fridge is a line of beers, actually two. They are added one after another in accordance with their best before date. The one that is due next is the first in line. In 2016 I had to throw away about 10 beers because I simply kept them somewhere where I forgot about them.