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Let's go into the cellar - Nokian Kellari
Rated6.00 / 10

When I was an apprentice at the Brauhaus Wallerstein I worked mainly at the fermentation or storage facility.

Maalaskuun OatMeal Stout bottle and pured in glass
Rated4.00 / 10

I remembered the first Maalaskuun I had some time ago. I think I was kind of impressed. If I remember it correctly they scored a 4 out 5 for their Amber Ale. Todays is their Oatmeal Stout on the table. 

Pyynikin Sessio Red Ale on the table
Rated4.00 / 10

Some beers get their second chance. This time it is the Pyynikkin Sessio Red Ale. Actually I accidentally bought the bottle while looking for a another Red Ale. So I ended up with the one I already reviewed some time ago and then later realized that I didn't write the review.

Amber Ale of Mallaskuun Panimo
Rated8.00 / 10

When I came across the Mallaskun Breweries Beers at Tokmannin I had to buy them all. It is basically my duty to get all the different Finnish Beers tasted. While the list piles up I found the best way to get through is one after another. Foam looks pretty stable.

The Joulu Olut
Rated8.00 / 10

It was Christmas some time ago, but I haven't drunk my Christmas beer yet. So I guessed that now is the right time for it. Why? Because there was still snow outside and it was pretty warm and cozy inside. It felt like Christmas, and so I opened my present. The Oulu Olut smelt pretty sweet.

Maku Vehnä - can and poured in a glass
Rated4.00 / 10

I have that game going on when we are at a Finnish supermarket: Get me a beer for under n €, where n is a number between 2 and 6. So we came up with the Maku Vehnä.